Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Congratulations to Dr. Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala for winning the  presidential candidacy for the Green Party of the United States.

They  represent the only political party:
-That would Not have signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)-HR 1540 on  bill that is against the Constitution, which guarantees the right to freedom of needing evidence for arrest and the right to an appropriate time for a trial if arrested (Pres. Obama signed & Romney said he would)
-Do Not  Accept Corporate Funds

They have a comprehensive 10 Key Value foundation and Platform.

Dr. Stein's New Green Deal consists of 4 Parts:
1.  Strengthen Democracy- End prisons of profit and torture, especially those cleared yrs. ago+
2.  Reverse Cycle of Abusive Economics and  1% Corporate Control + 
3.  Transition to Sustainable Environment, including the supporting of geo-thermal provisions+
4.  Care for the people by ending expensive 3% Wasted Bureaucratic paperwork & implement Medicare for All+

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
LONGMONT ROAR is meeting with the Longmont City Council tonight, July 17th @ 7:00.  They have been working non stop at collecting signatures on a petition to ban fracking in their city.  But tonight they need everyone that cares about having clean uncontaminated water, soil and air at the City Council meeting.  Come early and sign up to speak, if you don't want to speak,  please give your time to someone else.    

 Gas was found in the water.  
There should be a caution sign with the house that says: Caution Water May Be Harmful to Your Health. 

City of Longmont
350 Kimbark Street
Longmont, CO 80501 USA

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Colorado District 2: Pres. Obama, Romney & Republican-Democrats Vote Ag...

Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Colorado District 2: Pres. Obama, Romney & Republican-Democrats Vote Ag...: Break the Cycle of Abuse & VOTE for the GREEN PARTY with Dr. Jill Stein for Pres. & the following for the U.S. House: Gary Swing Dist. 1,...

Pres. Obama, Romney & Republican-Democrats Vote Against Rights in the Constitution

Break the Cycle of Abuse & VOTE for the GREEN PARTY with Dr. Jill Stein for Pres. & the following for the U.S. House: Gary Swing Dist. 1, Susan Hall Dist 2, Misha Luzov Dist 5

The NDAA ( - HR 1540) allows for the taking away of U.S. & everyone in the world's right to freedom of speech, the need for evidence in arrest, trials, and sentencing and yet most of the people I meet don't even know about it.

Some people I have told, say Pres. Obama must be doing the following things because he is held as a hostage; if so the citizens are also being held hostage. Yes, Mr. Romney is just as bad since he too said he would sign the bill.-
Obama has done the following:
Signed NDAA, Romney said he would sign it (I think this is the source -but my speakers are not working
All but 13 Senators voted for it, Equal numbers of Republican & Democrats
The Independent Senator Sanders did not sign the NDAA
-Pres. Obama said he would do away with Pres. Bush's unjust, biased military trials and 2 months after his election he supported a military trial for the Canadian Omar Khadr who had been in prison since he was 15 yrs. old, and then was sentenced to a year of solitary confinement & even now that he has served it, is not released
-Pres. Obama purposely excluded representatives of the Single Payer healthcare in initial discussions of healthcare plans
-Pres. Obama has supported Pres. Bush's military violence in the Middle East, including killing innocent people in Yemen & then having at least one man imprisoned for reporting it. He also called the Yemen leader & the journalist Shaye that had the pictures was beat & imprisoned ( reported by Jeremy Scahill).
-Pres. Obama has not only stood by Pres. Bush, by not speaking about Pres. Bush's believe in water boarding of people everyday for 6 months, but had Pvt. Manning tortured himself, by keeping him naked for almost a year.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

To the People in U.S. House District 2 @ the GREEN - Red, White, & Blue Celebration on the 4th of July, 

1st I would like to extend my sympathies and concerns toward those who have been impacted by the Colorado fires and can only hope that those who have been impacted by the fires will find the support and assistance they need.  I understand that the Red Cross has been available to those who might need help and KGNU has reported that Denver’s Larimer Lounge will be hosting a benefit for those people needing assistance due to the fires on July 13th. 
2nd name is Susan Hall and I’m the Green Party of Colorado’s candidate for U.S. House of Rep. Dist. 2.  I am a native of Colorado, born here, my grandmother was raised a ranch, which was homestead land.  My father sold artifacts from the Native Americans in the U.S. and Mexico.  I went to Kindergarten in Golden, and then the rest of my education I received in Denver, including my teacher’s license and my major in Chicano Studies.

Next I’ld like to  Thank you for inviting me to this Green - Red, White & Blue  celebration.  I appreciate the Poudre Valley Green Party’s work in planning it, Avogadro's Number, here in Ft. Collins for having us, those presenting music and the Green Giant winners. 

I would also like to say how glad I am to view all the smiling faces that are here, both those that are regulars and those like Tanya Ishikawa from the Federal Heights City Council-and the Adams/Jeffco Greens chapter.

She recently had the honor of speaking to our Green Presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein.  Dr. Stein informed Tanya that Colorado raised enough donations to qualify for Federal Matching Funds;

Green Party members are proud of the fact that we do not take corporate funding and therefore are completely dedicated to working for the public.

I would like to talk about an issue on one of the most substantial and up to date media programs on world news, Democracy Now.  They reported this week how the severity of events caused by the weather are linked to global Warming.  Documentation on the program reveals how some of the media and other groups have worked to cause the public to disbelieve what the scientists were reporting and they have even had plans to and cause school students to  distrust the scientist warnings about Global Warming.  The Green Party has been out front in the campaign to reveal the truth and start to curtail elements that make global warming even worse and to provide creative alternatives for unsustainable policies and products.

The Green Party began as an alliance between environmental activists and Peace activists.  It has leading many campaigns to direct non-violent solutions and supporting organizations other organizations that align with the same values.  We have worked at rallying toward continuing to press for securing individual rights to liberty and justice for all rather than to allowing it to become more vulnerable in challenging events.  This week Amnesty International reported that the U.N. is working on a treaty that will regulate the sale of large-scale weapons distributions.  Please do not be distracted into thinking the Green Party wants to take away a few personal guns.  This is about mass numbers of machineguns, drones and bombs.  The treaty would be the best step toward helping Syria, so that the conflict does not escalate.  Though it is reported that the country has a number of torture sites, the U.S. needs to take responsibility for the torture sites it has had and especially those it still tortures in today, before intervening in another country.  The Bible sometimes works to provide good quotes the quote or scripture here that would be appropriate is for the U.S. gov. leaders to take the log out of our own eyes before removing the needle from another’s.  

The U.S. incarceration policies will begin the first change now that the supreme ct made the ruling there will be no more mandatory life sentences for minors.  I hope this ruling is also for the juveniles the U.S. holds captive in it's other sites around the world, including Guantanamo, Cuba.  It is a very sad thing to thing of money before human lives, but not only is it morally wrong to to disregard human rights, the Geneva Convention, but is also expensive and takes funds from where they need to be for the people to other places where they should not be allowed to go.  As the Green Candidate for this district I will be working to have our taxes kept in the U.S. to provide for the needs of it’s citizens and laborers in positive ways, like Medicare for All and not for mass, inhumane prisons for profit here or in other countries as reported this last week.  The U.S. has had a site in Poland as well as the familiar concentration camp in Cuba were 22 children have been held.  One had been held till he reached adulthood and then suffocated without even an investigation.  It is also time to legalize cannabis, and recognize that it is what the people of this generation want.  We need to allow the creation of new products from Cannabis and Hemp and stop using it as tool to create division that harms individuals with health issues, emotional issues and prefer the effects of cannabis over alcohol or other addictive and expensive pharmaceutical drugs.    

As for those on drugs like heroin, Canada has shown that there is more help for people when they are treated with care and treatment than prison and a lack of concern for their humanity.  

It appears that there is an every growing awareness and knowledge by the public about who is telling the truth and who is interested in increasing their own profits even through lies.  We all know that sharing results in a greater since of peace, security and community; whereas the pyramid of profit becomes a synareeo of the servant surviving and competing against the tyrant.  People are wanting their taxes kept in their own countries where they can share and connect with the needs of their neighbors, rather than having to endure austerity to pay for war.  We are becoming aware of a need to be creating new sustainable practices, which they should be subsidized.  Even my daughter and her family have been creating sustainable provisions in the homes they have had built in Denver.  Thus the subsidies on monopolized corporations, and big failing banks need to forfeit, they are out of date, and failing; it’s time the old giant powerful and harmful corporate subsides are ended and small, caring and sustainable business receive new subsides.  .

Global warming, violence and contaminations are affecting everyone in the world and the Green Party stands with appreciation for those protesting the things that make it worse.  We stand with those in Japan who are protesting the start up of a nuclear plant in Japan after it has just experienced a meltdown and then the journalist Greg Palast reported that the engineers who designed the failed part of the nuclear plant in Japan had lied about the results from the part being tested.  According to the spokesperson on Democracy Now there are going to be over a million cases of cancer in this generation caused by the radiation from the nuclear plant melt-down.  We stand with the organizations that fights those who have made pacts with the media to lie about the global warming, block out truths and news-even about the candidates running for office. We stand against the Fracking that is destroying our millions of gallons of needed water for drinking, planting food and providing for wildlife-nature-recreation environments and the natural water cycle for all of the earth. 

I and Green Party members are  concerned with the lack of peace that is being found in the world and how so many people have and are experiencing abuse through wars and it is time to stop the cycle of abuse.  This abuse is can be changed by not voting in the SAME way for the same people.  I encourage you to Vote for myself and Green Party candidates and we will with you who are coming to the forefront recognizing the truth work toward peace.  Again thank you for having me and please consider donating funds and time to my campaign.  My lovable husband, Tom, is my campaign manager and he has envelopes to write down your employer & address, since we document where funds come from in our campaign.  Please to volunteer.  We also have a limited number of yard signs & would appreciate donations toward more signs.  

I like to make sure I talk about what is written on my  fliers when I hand them out, especially how there were equal numbers of Republican and Democratic senators that signed the NDAA and what that bill states it will allow the Pres. to hold anyone he wants without allowing a trial.  It also has the web address for anyone who would like to vote on line.  I do also encourage everyone to look up the bills on thomas gov.  The NDAA is HR 1540, which my opponent Rep. Polis did not sign, but he did sign the sanctions against Iran HR 740 as well as HR347 against protesting and free speech. 

Let’s All have some fun and a great evening; I’m looking forward to a drink, music and the Green Giant awards.

Thank you