Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pres. Obama, Romney & Republican-Democrats Vote Against Rights in the Constitution

Break the Cycle of Abuse & VOTE for the GREEN PARTY with Dr. Jill Stein for Pres. & the following for the U.S. House: Gary Swing Dist. 1, Susan Hall Dist 2, Misha Luzov Dist 5

The NDAA (thomas.gov - HR 1540) allows for the taking away of U.S. & everyone in the world's right to freedom of speech, the need for evidence in arrest, trials, and sentencing and yet most of the people I meet don't even know about it.

Some people I have told, say Pres. Obama must be doing the following things because he is held as a hostage; if so the citizens are also being held hostage. Yes, Mr. Romney is just as bad since he too said he would sign the bill.-
Obama has done the following:
Signed NDAA, Romney said he would sign it (I think this is the source -but my speakers are not workinghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUZoPnYjx0g).
All but 13 Senators voted for it, Equal numbers of Republican & Democrats
The Independent Senator Sanders did not sign the NDAA
-Pres. Obama said he would do away with Pres. Bush's unjust, biased military trials and 2 months after his election he supported a military trial for the Canadian Omar Khadr who had been in prison since he was 15 yrs. old, and then was sentenced to a year of solitary confinement & even now that he has served it, is not released
-Pres. Obama purposely excluded representatives of the Single Payer healthcare in initial discussions of healthcare plans
-Pres. Obama has supported Pres. Bush's military violence in the Middle East, including killing innocent people in Yemen & then having at least one man imprisoned for reporting it. He also called the Yemen leader & the journalist Shaye that had the pictures was beat & imprisoned (democracynow.org- reported by Jeremy Scahill).
-Pres. Obama has not only stood by Pres. Bush, by not speaking about Pres. Bush's believe in water boarding of people everyday for 6 months, but had Pvt. Manning tortured himself, by keeping him naked for almost a year.

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