Friday, June 22, 2012

My name is Susan Hall.  I was born in Denver and my grandmother's family homesteaded in the Colorado mountains.  My husband, Tom Hall, is also from Colorado.  We have been married over 30 years  and enjoy having 3 children and 4 grandchildren.  I have been a teacher and also have a major in Chicano Studies and a minor in history.  I am honored to be a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Colorado District 2 and am anxious to meet the people of my district as well as to share some of the important concerns the people  have already revealed to me.  I have been involved in a number of organizations and issues in Colorado and always appreciate how those who live in this beautiful state are aware of their need to be responsible and involved in their government.    In November Congressional District 2 will include the following 10 counties: Broomfield (where I live), Boulder, Larimer, Grand, Eagle, Summit, Park, Clear Creek, Gilpin, and Jefferson.  District 2 appears to be made up of  a  diverse geographical area.  I have and will continue to enjoy visiting the people, businesses and sites in all of these counties.  While I visit the counties I enjoy sharing my fliers that list some of my concerns.

Of course I am extremely concerned that an equal number of Democrat and Republican senators signed a bill that was completely against our U.S. Constitution's mandate for all citizens to retain the right of freedom of speech and the right to a speedy and public trial.  Not only did an equal numbers of Republican and Democrats sign this bill, but the current U.S. president also signed the bill.  This has led to a number of greatly respected, educated, and  informed spokespersons to sue over the bill which is called the National Defense Authorization Act, NDAA.   Among the names of those who have worked against this unconstitutional bill is Dr. Cornel  West who has been a supporter of MLK,  philosopher, author, critic, actor, civil rights activistGlenn Greenwald known as a Constitutional law attorney and political and legal blogger for Avram Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, activist Institute Professor, and Pentagon Papers whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg as well as a number of other informed and caring citizens.  There were only 13 senators who did not sign this bill, among those were the independent Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders.  I certainly believe if  the good charactered and unpaid by Special Interest groups or corporations, candidates of the Green Party  had been elected they would have joined Senator Sanders and NOT voted for the NDAA.       Not only do the Green Party candidates NOT accept Special Interest Money, but they have a list of 10 Key Values that provide them with a foundation and goal for their service as officials.

The Ten Key Values of the Green Party are found on the website of the Green Party of Colorado,  The Green Party of Colorado's Resolutions reveal many important aspects of the issues focused on today (   I am excited about being a part of the Green Party and would love to have others join me in my endeavor to be the U.S. House of Representative in Colorado D2, who will work for the public, not accept Special Interest Money, and work toward protecting natural resources, labor and liberty for ALL.

If I am elected as the U.S. House of Representative to District 2, I will not accept the Healthcare provision until others in Colorado know their health will be a priority too.  I believe it would be beneficial to have a 1% tax increase on the top 4% of the wealthiest incomes to provide the funds for a Colorado Healthcare Co-op.  I also believe it is time to STOP the Frack beside schools and pools.  It is absolutely time to end the war on terror, stop the terrorizing of cleared prisoners, or in making profits in harming vulnerable people; bring home our soldiers and provide subsidies to small businesses and let them and other unemployed creative workers begin to produce sustainable organic, goods and services.  For those out there who would like to join me in keeping and making this world and Colorado the best it can be, you can reach me at

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